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so I’m sitting at work not really knowing what to do with myself, it’s a really fucking slow day, but ya know its always really slow, all I really do every day is wake up at the ass crack of dawn somehow pull myself out of band and get ready come open up the shop and then nothing. Really nothing I sit at the front desk and watch movies and TV show on hulu or DVD. I mean when I first started working here I was doing stuff all the time an busting my ass for nothing and I mean nothing I don’t really get paid at all I get some money sometimes, it’s a really shity place to be in right now, my boss has these delusions of grandeur and thinks that any day now we’re just going to become a really great big thriving business and that she will be able to pay me and all this shit. at first I was willing to go along with it because I thought she was really working at things but the longer I’ve been here the less and less I see her because she is feeling bad or has to do work from home because her kids are being crazy or need rides to work or they sneezed or she just didn’t feel like getting out of bed that morning!!!! but the other week I was truly ill and needed to stay home and rest so I called her and told her I wouldn’t be coming to work on Monday she said ok and left it at that but then Monday morning at about 8 she starts texting me like mad gilting me out and bitching at me because I forgot to write a note about something! I just don’t understand how someone thinks they can run a business like this!

well needles to say im looking for a new job and a car and somehow trying to save up for my trip to NJ and a trip to atlanta to see hilary who is the only person in the world i ever want to see haha i miss her like crazy!!

well i guess life limps on for now.



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